Central Ninth

  • Tasting Notes: dark chocolate | caramel | red fruit
  • Roast Level: medium light
  • Origin: Brazil | Guatemala | Ethiopia
  • Process: Pulped Natural | Fully Washed | Natural
  • About this Coffee: This blend has a great deal of versatility. It's been crafted to deliver a delightful taste when used as espresso, making it an excellent choice for espresso-based drinks that include milk. Additionally, it serves as a fantastic option for drip coffee. The first component consists of a community lot from the Cerrado Mineiro region in Brazil. Producers that make up this lot participate in a sustainability program named “LIFT." This program was designed by Mercon Specialty and works directly with producers to provide agronomic assistance to help increase quality and productivity. The second component from Guatemala, is made up of 10-15 smallholder producers based in the region of Huehuetenango. Primavera Coffee Importers works with Guatemalan producers who cultivate exceptionally high-quality coffees. The coffees in this blend fall slightly short of qualifying as standalone single producer lots due to their harvest quantity and taste profile. The underlying belief is that by combining these lots, the additional income generated will empower producers to reinvest in their farms and wet-mills, ultimately enhancing the quality of their coffee in the future. The third component comprises a community lot sourced from the Bule Hora District, located in the West Guji Zone of Ethiopia. This specific lot of coffee is processed at a washing station owned and managed by Aklilu Kassa and his family. Catalyst Trade enables us to consistently acquire this coffee as part of their sourcing program, which is dedicated to purchasing the entire production of their partner producers. Furthermore, this program serves as a tribute to the renowned Mohamed Ogsady and his famous “Harar Horse” brand, known for its iconic flavor profile. Although components may change depending on the season, the cup profile remains consistent throughout the year.

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