Marmalade Decaf

  • Tasting Notes: brown sugar | creamy | tangerine
  • Origin: Colombia
  • Department: Risaralda
  • Process: Sugar Cane EA
  • Variety: Various
  • About this Coffee: Marmalade Decaf is named in honor of one of our favorite SLC neighborhoods. This coffee is well-suited for any brew method.The overall cup profile is sweet, has a creamy full body, and has a tangy tangerine like acidity. This coffee is made up of local producers from the department of Risaralda. This department is well known for producing high quality coffees and is part of the coffee triangle, also known as Eje Cafetero. After removing the fruit from the seed by way of the washed processing method, the green coffee is decaffeinated by being gently washed with a natural alcohol-based solvent which is derived entirely from sugar cane. This process has changed the landscape of decaf coffee and results in a crystal-clear flavor profile that retains the vast majority of the bean’s unique character.

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