• Tasting Notes: strawberries n’ cream | golden crisp cereal
  • Roast Level: medium light
  • Origin: Costa Rica | Ethiopia
  • Process: Honey | Natural
  • Harvest: 2022
  • About this Coffee: Beekeeper is one of our most anticipated seasonal releases. This year, Beekeeper is composed of Costa Rican and Ethiopian coffees. The combination of the two interpret a more adventurous flavor profile that is uniquely delicious. The Costa Rican component is a microlot from the NACE Coffee Micromill. Eduardo Navarro Jimenez and his brothers share a 100-year family history in coffee production. In 2016 Eduardo established the NACE Micromill. Micromills typically produce less than 1,000 bags of coffee per year and process coffee cherries after harvesting. This honey processed microlot from Finca Las Hermanas was depulped directly after harvesting and placed on raised beds for a few days. The coffee was then transferred to a covered patio where it was turned regularly until the drying process was complete. The Ethiopian component consists of coffee from Dinkalem Ademes’s washing station. We are big fans of this natural processed coffee and it can be found in other blends in our lineup. This coffee is part of Catalyst Trade’s sourcing program that aims to purchase the full production of their producing partners after their highest priced lots have been sold. This program also pays homage to Mohamed Ogsady and his famed Harar Horse brand, which has been recognized for its iconic flavor profile. In the cup we taste strawberries n’ cream and golden crisp cereal.

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